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New Patient Examination (inc radiographs)


Routine Examination


Second Opinion


Study models for cosmetic diagnosis


Radiographs  - small

                  - medium

                  - large




Examination and Diagnosis

Scaling & Polishing, Preventative Advice & Periondontal Therapies

Per 30 minute session with Hygienist



White fillings, using one of the best dental composite materials available, from


Root Canal Therapy

When decay or trauma has involved the nerve within the tooth, root canal treatment is performed to eliminate infection and provide a foundation for restoration, from





Bridge work

Individual quotations given for all bridgework, per unit



Dentures are used to replace missing teeth where bridgework is not practicable; perhaps because insufficient supporting teeth remain. Dentures of good quality have many benefits. Besides good function and comfort they can have dramatic effects on an individuals appearance and confidence, from



The very last resort, or for orthodontic treatment, from



Orthodontic consultation


A crown is an artificial covering designed to restore form and function to the natural tooth. Various materials are used in the construction of crowns and these reflect the different situations in which they are used, from