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At Eastgate House our emphasis has always been placed on preventative dentistry,
with the approach based on education leading to a prevention of disease using minimal intervention.

We are not a "Corporate " dental practice or part of a chain. When you come to the
practice you will see your own practioner not a locum. By encouraging long term
partnerships we know your dental history, your needs, your likes and dislikes.

We regulary invest in new equipment and techniques to ensure your dentistry is the
best it can be. We have interoral cameras, digital X-ray systems and excellent
sterilisation facilities so that you can have the confidence in making informed
decisions about your treatment options.


Orthodontics is the correction of crowed or poorly aligned teeth. The benefts in dental health, appearance and confidence are considerable.

Over the last 20 years we have helped hundreds of patients, both children and adults, to achieve a smile to be proud of.

We can provide removable braces, fixed braces and aligners and will happily talk you through all the options without obligation.

Treatment is available both privately and under the NHS for children having more complex needs.


Our foremost aim is to prevent loss of teeth and the vast majority of patients can now look forward to retaining their natural dentition throught their lives.

However, for various reasons including decay, gum disease, fracture and trauma some teeth may be lost. For patients who wish to avoid, or are not suitable for dentures or bridges the use of dental implants is now an accepted option.

We are able to offer a range of implant treatments from simple to complex using various systems. Our implant specialist Gerry Davies holds an MSc in Oral Surgery and has wealth of experience in all aspects of implantology.

Surgery Hours:

Monday 9-5.30pm

Tuesday/Wednesday 8-4pm

Thursday 9-5.30pm

Friday 8-1pm

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